Metistec Aluminum Injection Molds

Wrapping and adhesion problems are frequently encountered in high-pressure metal injection molds. The main reason for this wrapping is that aluminum corrodes steel. Aluminum attacks iron rapidly, especially after 720 C.
In high pressure casting, if the aluminum wraps / sticks on the mold, especially on the pins; What needs to be done is to cut off the contact between aluminum and steel or to reduce the aluminum temperature as much as possible. If the temperature does not drop due to filling or sealing problems, it is necessary to place a barrier between the aluminum and steel.

This obstacle may be PVD coating along with surface preparation processes, which are cheaply available today when we look at the price / performance denominator.

Because, in the simplest example, when the pins break or break, the mold may get stuck, falling into the mold and causing the mold to be crushed. Therefore, it is necessary to anticipate the winding problem and use duplex PVD coated pins.

In addition, Duplex PVD coating is the best choice to protect the surface against wrapping/sticking on core, core and other mold parts.