The use of plastic materials, especially in the automotive industry, is increasing day by day and the additives in them are changing rapidly. As conditions change, the properties expected from plastic injection mold steels increase. In cases where mold steels are insufficient, we offer solutions to increase mold performance with the MOLDPLUS PVD coating series.

Molds undergo deformation over time depending on plastic injection production conditions and especially the use of raw materials. In particular, damage mechanisms such as wear, sticking/sealing and corrosion occur. We have PVD coating solutions to postpone these damage mechanisms and extend mold life.

  • Steel-Steel working surfaces (scrapers, cores, pins-pushers, wear/locking plates)
  • Glass fiber (20%-50%) added raw material plastic injection molds (reinforced plastics)
  • Solution to plastic raw material retention problems with coating
  • Corrosive raw material plastic injection molds (surface darkening / oxidation)
  • cuBe2 copper-beryllium alloy (Moldmax hh) coating composition to increase wear resistance
  • Coating composition to increase wear resistance in patterned molds

Our PVD Coating Samples

Coating SeriesCoating CompositionColourHardness (HV 0.05)Coefficient of friction (against steel)Thickness (μm)Oxidation/Decomposition Temperature (°C)General FeaturesApplication Recommendations Mold
MoldPlus CrN / CrCNSilver Grey2000±200 / 2300±2000,30 / 0,252 – 8600°C* It combines high abrasion resistance (adhesive type, that is, high resistance to winding-adhesion) and low friction coefficient. * It has low coating internal tension * The adhesion ability and strength of the coating to the surface is very high * It is resistant to corrosionPlastic injection moulds cores, cores, scrapers
MoldPlus TiNGold2400±2000.62 – 4500 °C* It has high abrasion resistance (high resistance to abrasive wear - high resistance to scratching). * Bio compatibility.In plastic injection molds (usually if the mold has mirror polishing surfaces, if the plastic part is transparent - visual), there are also Pins, pushers, scrapers
MoldPlus TiCNGray blueish3300±5000.32 – 4400 °C* It has a low friction coefficient with high wear resistance (resistant to abrasive wear)In plastic injection molds and parts (especially where steel surfaces work on each other - pipe pushers, etc.)
MoldPlus TiCrSiNDark Golden 3700±2000.32 – 8700°C* It also includes very high abrasion resistance (both adhesive type; wrapping-adhesion and abrasive type; scratch resistance is very high) and low friction coefficient. * It has very high coating toughness and excellent coating adhesion ability to the surface.In plastic injection molds (plastic workpiece; usually glass fiber reinforced abrasive raw material content) cores, cores, scrapers
MoldPlus AlTiCrSiNDark Anthracite Grey3700±2000.54 – 81000°C*It has excellent combination of hot hardness, toughness, high temperature stability. *Although a thick coating layer can be formed, the internal stress is low and stable.High hardness and wear resistance for plastic injection molds cores, cores, scrapers
MoldPlus AlTiN / AlTiSiNAnthracite Grey3400±3000.72 – 4900°C*It has a combination of high hot hardness and toughness.*Coating thickness is limited.Cores, pins, pushers, lifter in plastic injection molds and parts
MoldPlus ZrN /ZrCNLight Gold2800±2000.41 – 5500°C* It is a type of coating with low surface tension, high hardness and chemical stability. * It is resistant to corrosion.It provides especially hardness and corrosion resistance properties in plastic injection molds and parts
MoldPlusCOATPLUS®_900±100_30-40400 °C* It has high abrasion resistance (high resistance to abrasive wear - high resistance to scratches)In plastic injection molds, if the mold usually has mirror polishing surfaces, the plastic part is transparent/piano black - visual.
MoldPlusCUBEPLUS® Silver Grey / Anthracite Grey2200±200 / 3400±3000.32 – 4 (*20)600°C*High toughness, corrosion resistance, low internal stress, low coefficient of friction, high wear resistance of copper-beryllium alloy c, adhesion and winding resistanceCuBe2 - copper-beryllium alloy plastic injection mold cores, cores, hot runner nozzles - (especially resistant to glass fiber reinforced abrasive raw material)
MoldPlus DLCPLUS® / a-C : MeBlack1800±2000.11 – 3400°C*It has high sliding ability and very high adhesive wear resistance. *Biocompatible and has high corrosion resistancePrecision and sliding parts of plastic injection molds