Coated Sleeve

Metistec PROSHOT Coated Sleeve

The cold chamber/sleeve is a critical part in the high pressure metal injection manufacturing process. Dimensional stability and lifespan are very important for production. The most common damage to the hive that may cause production stoppages is; It is erosion/hot abrasion damage where the molten metal first makes contact with the barrel. Afterwards, damage due to distortion/warping of the barrel axis flatness may take the second place…

With Metistec PROSHOT hive; We offer long life with special materials, heat treatment, precise processing steps and coating. Especially the advantages of PROSHOT are; It has high wear resistance, inner surface precision of the barrel has very low tolerances, and resistance to distortion (banana effect) during operation is high.

Different Design Options

We have different ProShot barrel designs for Metal Injection presses;

Thermal Controlled Deep Hole Drilling
Special design (with plug-in system in certain areas) Shot

I NADCA features

After the design process of our Metistec Proshot barrels is clarified, we apply vacuum hardening heat treatment to the tool steel in chemical 1.2367, which has a microstructure with acceptance criteria in the AS table according to the NADCA specification, after gradual rough machining, again according to NADCA heat treatment conditions. With precision machining; We minimize the surface roughness value so that the hole diameter is within H7 tolerances throughout. After the final measurement control and measurement report, we apply Metistec hotplus series coating and make it ready for shipment to our customers in our special cases.

You can access our Metistec Proshot presentation here.

Our Application Examples