Technical Support and Training

Metistec Technical Support and Training

Regarding the application, we offer solutions to our customers with 100% technical support competence regarding materials, heat treatment, additive manufacturing and PVD coating.

SubjectContents Material
MOLD STEELS Material selection for application Presentation, sample applications
High pressure casting aluminum injection mold steels
Plastic injection mold steels
Spinning, forming and cutting mold steels
1.2367 ESR, 1.2344, 1,2343 ESR, 1.2379, 1.3343, 1.2738 HH
Special materials - stainless steel series
HEAT TREATMENT Heat treatment process of mold steels Presentation, sample applications
Heat treatment process and hardness selection; Which hardness (HRc) is suitable?
hot work and cold work tool steels 1.2343, 1.2083, 1.2379
PVD COATINGSSurface treatment engineering of mold steels Presentation, sample applications
Coating compositions for application
What is the damage mechanism? Which Type of PVD coating should be chosen?
Surface preparation - Sandblasting - Polishing
ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING Solutions with 3D laser printer Presentation, sample applications
Ways to reduce cycle time with effective cooling channels?
What is the choice of powder for 3D writing? What should the hardness be?
How should the design be, what should be taken into consideration?
Metal filling with laser
INJECTION SOLUTIONSSolutions with injection equipment Presentation, sample applications
Long life with high performance pins
3D Chillvent and Vacuum systems