About Us

Who are we

As Metistec Metal; To be used in tools, moulds, machine parts and similar products that are of high importance in engineering applications;
We provide package solutions to our business partners in all steps, starting from material selection to final surface treatments that need to be applied according to heat treatment and working conditions.

We have a master’s degree in engineering and more than 10 years of field experience in the sector. Our vision is to provide engineering service solutions for our business partners; To offer sustainable quality in a price/performance balance.

  • PVD Coating on Molds
  • Coated Sleeve
  • PVD Coating on Cutting Tools
  • Surface Preparation Solutions
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Injection Solutions
  • Damage Analysis
  • Technical Support and Training


Tailor-made solutions from the best manufacturer

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to walking in the light of the following principles with all our employees to ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

  • Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level.
  • To provide timely, accurate and quality service in line with customer requests.
  • To create a price/performance advantage for our customers by ensuring continuous improvement and global updates in our processes.
  • To ensure continuous improvement by raising awareness and training of our employees.
  • To be determined and consistent in meeting demands and ensuring customer satisfaction.