HOTPLUS coating series, which provides solutions in hot work applications; It is especially preferred in applications where high oxidation/degradation resistance is expected from coatings.

  • High Pressure Metal Injection (zamak, aluminum, magnesium)

In metal injection molds, hotplus series PVD coatings can prevent and solve erosion, wrapping/adhesion damages that may occur on the surfaces of the mold and mold components (core, insert, pin, etc.). In addition, the formation of thermal fatigue cracks with a capillary and reticulated appearance on the steel surface can be postponed.

  • Metal Extrusion (aluminum, brass, copper, silver)

With hotplus series PVD coatings in extrusion molds, a solution is provided by increasing the hot wear resistance on the mold surfaces and preventing wear damage.

  • Hot forged

Hot plus fexoy coating in hot forging press molds increases hot abrasion and collapse/crushing resistance, thus preventing abrasion damage that determines mold life.

  • Hot Forming

Hotplus series PVD coatings can especially prevent and solve wrapping/plastering/adhesion damage in hot forming molds.

Our PVD Coating Samples​

Coating SeriesCoating CompositionColourHardness (HV 0.05)Coefficient of friction (against steel)Thickness (μm)Oxidation/Decomposition Temperature (°C)General FeaturesApplication Recommendations Mold
HotPlusTiAlN / TiAlSiNRose gold3000±2000.45 – 8800°C* It has high hot abrasion resistance with high coating toughness.* It is an entry-level coating compound and has developed nanocomposite forms.Hot work metal injection molds and equipment, metal extrusion molds, hot forming molds
HotPlusAlCrN / AlCrSiNLight Grey3300±3000.53 – 51100°C*It has very high hot abrasion resistance.*Its hot hardness is high compared to other coating compositions and it is excellent in maintaining its stable structure at high temperatures.Pin, pusher, detachable insert and moving cores, hot forming molds with hot wear problems caused by erosion (speed of molten metal in the mold) in hot work metal injection molds
HotPlusAlTiCrSiNDark Anthracite Grey3700±2000.54 – 81000°C*It has excellent combination of hot hardness, toughness, high temperature stability. *Although a thick coating layer can be formed, the internal stress is low and stable.In core, detachable insert, pin, pusher and moving cores, hot forming molds, metal extrusion molds and equipment, hot press forging molds, where winding-adhesion problems are foreseen in hot work metal injection molds
HotPlusAlTiN / AlTiSiNAnthracite Grey3400±3000.72 – 4900°C*It has a combination of high hot hardness and toughness.*Coating thickness is limited.Hot work metal injection molds and equipment, metal extrusion molds
HotPlusZrN /ZrCNLight Gold2800±2000.41 – 5500°C* It is a type of coating with low surface tension, high hardness and chemical stability. * It is resistant to corrosion.Hot Work Mg Metal Injection Molding And Equipment

FEXOY Coating

It is a coating with high wear resistance (crater wear) and lubricity properties obtained by applying a combination of diffusion process hardening and oxide-based coating. FEXOY coating gives very good results especially in hot forging press molds and high pressure metal injection sleeves where it is applied together with our surface preparation solutions.
CoveringChemical CompositionColourHardness (HV 0.05)Thickness (μm)General CharacteristicsMold Application Recommendations
HotPlusFEXOY®Dark black1250±50250-300* It has a very thick coating thickness and abrasion resistance and solid lubrication surface feature.Hot work - hot press forging dies and metal injection sleeves