Surface Preparation Solutions

Metistec Surface Preparation Solutions

Surface preparation processes, which need to be customized based on mold applications, are the most important steps before coating. We can always ensure the repeatability of these processes, which have a very critical effect on the operating performance of the mold, at the same quality. Our recipes, which include our surface preparation solutions, are based on mold application requirements; It is a chain of processes that includes one or more of the following steps.

Precision Surface Quality

For example; We recommend the surface roughness value for metal injection molds as Rz<1, and to ensure this value, we apply it as a standard according to our recipe, which includes some steps below.

Overview of Surface Preparation Procedures

-Ultrasonic Bath (Solvent Containing)

-Dry Sandblasting

-Wet Sandblasting

-Polishing (Rough Sanding Grade)

-Polishing (Up to Mirror Degree)

-Drag finishing (Powder Abrasive Media)

Surface Roughness RZ Value is Important

PVD coating removal process

It is possible to remove the PVD coating from the surface without causing any physical damage to the coated surfaces. Coating removal service is provided within our business.

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