Forming Molds

Does PVD Coating Provide Advantages for Forming and Plastering Molds?


The main goal with PVD Coating applied to forming molds is to reduce friction, eliminate or reduce the risk of wrapping and adhesive wear. That’s why we recommend PVD Coating, even Duplex PVD Coatings, in forming / plastering molds.

Metistec Coldplus series, TiCr(C)N based PVD coating, provides increased life of forming / plastering molds and reduces forced press stops with its high hardness and low coefficient of friction feature.

PVD coating applied on to forming and drawing tools?

The goal of PVD coating on forming tools is to reduce the friction, prevent or reduce the risk of galling and adhesive wear. Thus, we suggest PVD coating on forming tools as Metistec Coldplus series TiCr(C)N.